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Dead in a Pool of Blood and Millions of Dollars of Net Art

Sunday, July 15, 2012: 2:00 pm (Sassaman): 0-Day Art is a warez group for art, focusing primarily on digitally represented works. The project was born in response to situations where takedown notices, pay walls, and practices of "taking it offline" threaten the distribution and availability of art online. 0-Day Art seeks to put net art back on the net. Using BitTorrent to package and distribute "art warez" within 24 hours of its initial availability, whenever possible, and social networks to quickly spread the word, the project has received attention from Today and Tomorrow, The Verge, GalleristNY, and ArtInfo, who referred to the project as, "the free-data pirates of the new media world." This is just the start. 0-Day Art exists at the intersection of art critique, hacktivism, and open culture, and manifests itself in many different ways. This talk will cover the history of 0-Day Art, as well as a brief history of "The Scene" (warez, demo, and art). Past projects, current projects and challenges, and the future of 0-Day Art will be discussed.

Hosted by Jeremiah Johnson (Nullsleep) and Don Miller (NO CARRIER)