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The Hacker Digest - Volume 1 (PDF)

As part of our continuing digital publishing adventure, we've made the first year of 2600 available in PDF form.

This is a compendium of articles from Volume 1 of 2600 Magazine (originally published in 1984), rearranged in book form and totaling 83 pages of restored and new material.

The PDF version contains all of the original articles, graphics, lists of data, along with never before published explanations of the cover pages, and a behind the scenes look at the first days of 2600.

This is not just a scan of some old back issues. We've literally gone through every article and every piece of data and arranged them in a brand new book form, divided into articles, news stories, letters, and data. If there is a strong response to this first volume, you can count on seeing remaining volumes in the future.

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