Off The Hook High Quality Edition: Lifetime

This is the best option for those of you who want broadcast quality versions of every edition of "Off The Hook" ever put out, along with other related WBAI programs. Unlike the versions made available on the web and in previous collections, these play back at 128kbps/44khz as opposed to 16kbps/16khz. What this basically means is that the files are much bigger and sound a whole lot better, as good as if you were actually listening to the radio in most cases.

When you sign up for the lifetime audio subscription, you'll receive every edition of "Off The Hook" from the past and the future. That means you'll get a big pile of DVDs with every show from our very first back in 1988 to the end of last year. When the new year passes you'll get this year's collection. And in another year you'll get another disc. Forever. That is, you'll continue to receive new shows on a yearly basis either until we cease to be or until you or your descendants beg us to stop. It's that simple.

Files are in MP3 format and will play on nearly all audio players. The DVD-R is compatible with 99% of DVD drives in computers today and will also play in many standalone DVD players! And of course, you're free to copy the MP3 files to any storage device you wish.

Click here for a demonstration of the improved sound quality.