2600 Magazine

The brand new 2600 online store will have its grand opening really soon. We are currently working feverishly inside the store preparing for opening day and trying to get this text box centered. Above is a shot of our tactical office taken earlier in the day. Yes, it's a little overdue for a cleaning.

We believe our new store will be a much better experience than our old store, which was just too small and inflexible for our needs. Plus the neighborhood sucked. And the landlord was a bit of a dick.

Anyway, we think you'll like it in our new location as much as we do. Please be patient and courteous - no Black Friday nonsense here please when we open. Keep refreshing this page to find out when exactly that will be. If you're bored, try and guess the password below. Hint: It isn't password or anything else the Ashley-Madison people used.