Click to enlargeTHE LAST HOPE SHIRT

This is the infamous Last HOPE t-shirt that really freaked a lot of people out, both at the conference and in the streets of New York City. We're told that it's sparked equally befuddled responses as the shirts have slowly moved to other parts of the world.

On the front is a chilling graphic showing the figure of Death leading an innocent child holding a balloon to the gates of the Hotel Pennsylvania. Does it represent the government leading innocent hackers to their doom? Is it somehow a symbol for the announced destruction of the hotel? Does the hotel represent Hell and the balloon our salvation?

Nobody knows. But it's a wicked cool shirt.

Oh yeah, on the back is a listing of all of the HOPE conferences, just like names might appear on a tombstone. This, along with the front of the shirt and the fact that the conference was called The Last HOPE, actually made some people think it was all coming to an end.

As if.

But one thing that WILL be coming to an end is our supply of these shirts, as we're only selling what we have left over. It will last for a little while. But nothing lasts forever.