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Why You Shouldn't Write Off Higher Education, Young Grasshopper

Friday, July 13, 2012: 6:00 pm (Dennis): This talk is addressed to that kid in the back who's wearing a Utilikilt and a black t-shirt that says "I Hack Charities," who asks, "Why would I bother going to grad school? I'm self-taught, college was a waste of my time, and universities only exist to train wage slaves." John will draw from personal experience to describe how in graduate school you get to do what you love, you get to make larger and more structured contributions to the community, you experience personal growth while surrounded by amazing people, you're part of a meritocracy and a close-knit social circle, and the door is open for interesting opportunities afterward. Included will be a discussion on how hackers can get in.

Hosted by John Linwood Griffin