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Club-Mate Winter Edition (18 pack)

Club-Mate Winter Edition (18 pack)

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Our engineers have devised a new packing method that allows for 50 percent more bottles to be shipped in one package! This translates into a lower cost per bottle and more bottles to enjoy. (Be aware that the box will be 50 percent heavier.)

Club-Mate Winter Edition is only made once a year and we now have our very limited supply. This is an alternate blend that is flavored with cinnamon, star anise, and cardamom. The official Club-Mate brewery describes it this way: "It tastes like warming up your hands in front of a fireplace after a merry snowball fight. Its unique ingredients create a taste that smoothly combines with the mate. Thus new sensory interpretations become possible."

Our supply grows less by the day and we won't have more until next winter!

Shipping is via UPS. That means we can't ship to post office boxes. We also have to limit this to the continental United States, at least for the moment. Please don't try and order this if you're in Hawaii, Alaska, or another country.