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What gives us the power to grant a free lifetime? It's simple, really. We offer two lifetime subscriptions: one for the printed edition of the magazine and a second lifetime of all digital digests (back issues) as well as digital editions into the future. What we're doing here is only charging you for one of them so that you can get an extra lifetime - free.

This special combination deal allows readers to have both a lifetime paper subscription and a digital lifetime subscription. The latter gives you access to ALL of our annual digests, beginning with Volume 1 from 1984 and continuing into the future. Your paper subscription starts with the current issue.

After your payment has been confirmed, you will be able to download a zip file of all of the digests released so far (Volumes 1-36). After that you will get an annual collection of the previous year's issues. (The digest from 2020 will be released early in 2021.) The current paper issue will be mailed to you immediately.

The digital edition of The Hacker Digest is in DRM-free PDF format.