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HOPE Number Nine Shirt (CLEARANCE)

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We printed an extra big order of these shirts so that those of you who missed the conference wouldn't write off 2012 as a total loss. Not only that, but we're including free of charge one of the infamous HOPE Number Nine passports that served as badges for the attendees. We'll even include a conference program. In other words, we'll give you everything you need to convince people that you actually were at the conference. Nobody need ever know what you were really doing.

The shirts are quite striking (and black), with the official "Department of HOPEland Security" seal on the front and the proud label of "CITIZEN" on the back. This shirt has had the unintended effect of fooling some law enforcement agents into believing that the wearer is entitled to some special privileges. (We honestly didn't intend for that to happen but we've heard a number of stories already. Please wear with care.)

We won't be printing more of these so once a size runs out, it'll be removed from the list. This can sometimes happen alarmingly fast.