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Tickets to HOPE 2020 are now available!

We have been forced to change how HOPE will take place this year. While we were looking forward greatly to being in a brand new venue, the COVID-19 crisis would make that a highly irresponsible move on our part and we are absolutely not going to put any of our attendees at risk. But that doesn't mean we intend to not have HOPE this year.

HOPE will now take place over NINE days and nights, running from July 25th through August 2nd, 2020. It will be an entirely online experience, and hopefully one of historic proportions. For more details on what we're planning visit

Your ticket purchase will help to not only make this possible but to ensure the survival of 2600, which has been hit super hard by all the shutdowns. We've lost income for over half a year's publications. HOPE is literally our only hope to get through this and continue publishing and holding the next in-person conference.

All ticket holders will have exclusive access to speaker, panel, and keynote Q&As, as well as workshops. You'll also get a conference t-shirt and badge that will ONLY go to ticket holders and never be offered again to anyone else as our way of saying thanks for supporting HOPE. There will be many more surprises in the weeks ahead.

After you order tickets, we will be in touch with further instructions as the conference draws nearer. We hope to make this summer a memorable and positive experience despite all the challenges. That's what the hacker spirit is about, after all.