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[UPDATE: Tickets went as fast as we expected. We will be offering another batch in the weeks ahead - please keep checking and for updates on that and other HOPE details.]

This page will become active at exactly 13:13 on November 13th as we offer the first batch of tickets to the 13th Hackers On Planet Earth conference.

Last time we did this, the tickets were gone in mere seconds. That's why we're putting up this text BEFORE they become available so that you have more info. (If you wait until after, then they're probably already gone.)

Here's how it will work. Before tickets become available, this page will say SOLD OUT. Then they will be available for a brief period at the appointed time before becoming SOLD OUT again. We are also enforcing a 4 ticket maximum per order. Anyone who orders more than that amount will have their entire order cancelled and will be sent back to the end of the line.

If you manage to score tickets, hold onto your receipt and expect an email from us in the near future with your actual ticket, which you can either print out or have available to scan on your phone.

If you don't get tickets this time, there will be other opportunities. However, this is our lowest priced offering, with tickets only $10 more than our last conference in 2018.

HOPE 2020 will be taking place at our new location in Queens (New York City) at St. John's University, where we'll have much more space for all kinds of presentations and hacker events. It's super easy to get to both locally and from around the world. We'll be posting updates on everything from special housing arrangements to transportation in the weeks ahead.