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The Circle of HOPE (2018): "Your Blockchain Sucks" (Download)

The Circle of HOPE (2018): "Your Blockchain Sucks" (Download)

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Friday, July 20, 2018: 10:00 pm (Booth): It sure seems like everybody wants a blockchain these days, doesn’t it? It started with finance, but now we have blockchain for books, airlines, advertising, clinical trials, energy... and that’s just the first two pages of Google hits. But why does everybody want a blockchain? There’s a ton of a lot of blockchain hype right now, and frankly, 95 percent of proposed blockchain projects are crap. So what precisely is a blockchain, and why is it useful? Where did it come from, what is it good for, and - more importantly - what is it totally garbage at? And what kinds of bullshit are people trying to use it for that just doesn’t make any goddamned sense? Glenn is here to tell you exactly why your blockchain sucks.
Glenn Willen