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The Fifth HOPE (2004): "Distributed Password Cracking API" (Download)

The Fifth HOPE (2004): "Distributed Password Cracking API" (Download)

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Sunday, July 11, 2004: 9:00 am (Area "B"): The low-cost of the modern PC, the proliferation of the Internet, and the speed of its underlying networks make parallel task-based computing very possible. We've seen massive networks like SETI demonstrate this. SETI is programmed for a simple task: Get a piece of data, process it at leisure, spit out results if any, get a new piece of data. This has been used already to do some brute-forcing of security tasks with systems like But that system is sophisticated and large and you can't make it do tasks like cracking crypt() passwords or websites or any variety of brute-forcing tasks. This talk is about an extensible framework and API for creating distributed password crackers. The framework is easy to use, easy to distribute, and easy to add different kinds of cracking to. The software will be released open-source during the conference.

Hosted by David "Bernz" Bernick