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The Circle of HOPE

The flash drives, downloads, and DVDs from The Circle of HOPE are now available! As always, there are absolutely no region restrictions or DRM on any of our videos, so you can copy them as much as you want and share them with the world. Remember, your purchases here help make HOPE possible and also keep our various archiving projects alive. We've kept the price as low as we can to ensure as many of you as possible are able to get your own copies. The Circle of HOPE was one of the liveliest and most controversial of our conferences. We were thrilled to host famed whistleblower Chelsea Manning, along with a diverse and eclectic mix of other speakers. Our four speaker rooms were named after a varied mix of technologists: Dorothy Vaughan, a computing expert from the 1940s; Kathleen Booth, a mathematician known for her work with neural networks; Dennis Ritchie, a computer scientist who created the C programming language; and Chester Nez, a Navajo code talker in the United States Marine Corps. The Circle of HOPE was held at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City July 20-22, 2018.