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The Eleventh HOPE

The DVDs and flash drive from The Eleventh HOPE are now available! There are absolutely no region restrictions or DRM on any of our videos, so you can copy them and watch them anywhere on anything. Remember, your purchases here help make HOPE possible and also keep our various archiving projects alive. We've kept the price as low as we can to ensure as many of you as possible are able to get your own copies. As always, we have 128 kbps audio available of every talk on a special two-disc DVD set or on the flash drive full set. The Eleventh HOPE is the conference that turned things up to 11 in order to get that extra push. We were honored with the presence of writer and activist Cory Doctorow along with scores of others. We named our four speaker rooms after renowned female scientists and inventors: Hedy Lamarr, who patented the Secrecy Communication System in 1942; Emmy Noether, a groundbreaking mathematician; Elizebeth Friedman, America's first female cryptanalyst; and Erna Hoover, who invented a computerized telephone switching method and was awarded one of the first software patents ever issued in 1971. The Eleventh HOPE was held at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City July 22-24, 2016.