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The Last HOPE

Look at all of these DVDs from The Last HOPE conference! And a flash drive with the full set! They're all completely region free, so they'll play regardless of what part of the planet you're in. The DVDs have no ads and are completely uncut, as are the video files on the flash drive. We also have a two-disc audio set of every talk in 128 kbps high fidelity audio, included with the flash drive full set. The Last HOPE was thought by many to be the last in the series of HOPE conferences. With the news that the Hotel Pennsylvania was set to be demolished, there didn't seem to be much hope for the future. However, as revealed at the closing ceremonies, this was all a big misunderstanding. "Last" was not referring to "final" but rather to "most recent." Hence, the next conference was to be called "The Next HOPE." But because nobody knew this, there was a "death" theme throughout the entire conference. For the first time, there were three speaker tracks, along with an unscheduled track and all of the activities taking place on the second floor. The first track was named after computer scientist Grace Hopper, the second after mathematician and cryptanalyst Alan Turing, and the third after acclaimed phone phreak Joe Engressia (Joybubbles). The unscheduled, unrecorded track was named after computer pioneer Konrad Zuse. This time, we had Steven Levy (author of "Hackers") as our keynote with featured speakers Adam Savage, Jello Biafra, Kevin Mitnick, and Steven Rambam. The Last HOPE was held at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City July 18-20, 2008.