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The Next HOPE

Here is the full package of DVDs from The Next HOPE conference! They're completely region free so they'll play regardless of where in the world you happen to be. The DVDs have no ads and are completely uncut. We also have a two-disc audio set of every talk in 128 kbps high fidelity audio. The Next HOPE was the next conference after the last one (The Last HOPE). It's a simple enough premise, but it's been confusing people ever since we held it in July of 2010. We had a renewed spirit this time around, as we dove into the growing Wikileaks controversy with a wildly popular keynote address from Jacob Appelbaum and a controversial panel on informants featuring Adrian Lamo, the person who turned in leaker Bradley Manning to the authorities. Renowned hacker and researcher Dan Kaminsky gave our other keynote address. Again, we had three speaker tracks, an unscheduled track, activities and villages on the second floor, along with workshops on the sixth floor of the Hotel Pennsylvania, which we were still fighting to save from demolition. Our first track was named after inventor and engineer Nikola Tesla, the second after renowned mathematician Ada Lovelace, and the third after none other than Alexander Graham Bell. The unscheduled and mostly unrecorded track was named after Samuel Morse, who, among other things, created some pretty famous code way back when. The Next HOPE was held at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City July 16-18, 2010.