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A New HOPE (2022): "Hacking the SAT" (Download)

A New HOPE (2022): "Hacking the SAT" (Download)

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Sunday, July 24, 2022: 2:00 pm (Little Theatre): As the pandemic has accelerated the already emergent trend towards test-optional college and university admissions, the SAT is poised to undergo yet another transformation. Whatever the changes happen to be, Rob is confident that this future incarnation - just like all previous incarnations - will be vulnerable to "hacking." In this talk, Rob will spotlight the features of standardized tests (specifically, the SAT/ACT in their current forms) that make them vulnerable to various backdoor techniques that circumvent the need to "understand" the content of a given question. Accompanying this exploration will be a larger questioning of the supposed merits of these tests in the first place.

Rob Cohen