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A New HOPE (2022): "Travel Hacking in a Still-Pandemic World" (Download)

A New HOPE (2022): "Travel Hacking in a Still-Pandemic World" (Download)

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Friday, July 22, 2022: 4:00 pm (Little Theatre): The pandemic turned the world of travel upside down, introducing many new restrictions and requirements. All of a sudden, breezing through international transit zones isn't always a simple and trouble-free experience. The financial impact of the pandemic on the airlines has also been sharp and stark, resulting in airline bankruptcies and consolidations leading to loyalty program devaluations. All of this has had a major impact on planning international travel, especially hacks (such as unusual routings) that were previously possible. In much of the world, the pandemic isn't yet considered over, and the impact on international travel remains far-reaching. However, travel hacks are still possible! TProphet will help you understand what is practical, and what could torpedo your plans.