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Club-Mate Original (18 pack)

Club-Mate Original (18 pack)

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Our engineers have devised a new packing method that allows for 50 percent more bottles to be shipped in one package! This translates into a lower cost per bottle and more bottles to enjoy. (Be aware that the box will be 50 percent heavier.)

This is the flavor that has created a generation of Club-Mate fiends. Even those who claim to not fall instantly in love with it often find themselves coming back for more. And when you've had enough of the energy burst, you won't get the typical caffeine crash. It's often said that if the Beatles had discovered Club-Mate, there would have been at least one more album. Michelangelo might have gotten around to actually writing his own computer virus. And Beethoven would have had the energy to keep his apartment clean after staying up all night programming. So just imagine what amazing things you'll wind up creating.

Shipping is via UPS. That means we can't ship to post office boxes. We also have to limit this to the continental United States, at least for the moment. Please don't try and order this if you're in Hawaii, Alaska, or another country.