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HOPE X (2014): "The Hidden World of Game Hacking" (Download)

HOPE X (2014): "The Hidden World of Game Hacking" (Download)

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Saturday, July 19, 2014: 9:00 pm (Serpico): A common misconception in the world of online gaming is the idea that the only game you can play is the one in the title. Contrary to this, game hackers find enjoyment playing the game that hides behind the curtain: a cat-and-mouse game of wits between game hackers and game developers. While game hackers work to reverse engineer game binaries, automate aspects of game play, and modify gaming environments, game developers combat the hacker-designed tools using anti-reversing techniques, bot detection algorithms, and heuristic data-mining. This talk highlights the fight put up by game hackers, and the advanced methods they have engineered to manipulate games while simultaneously eluding game developers in the dark corners of their own software.

Nick Cano