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HOPE X (2014): "Why the Future is Open Wireless" (Download)

HOPE X (2014): "Why the Future is Open Wireless" (Download)

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Friday, July 18, 2014: 7:00 pm (Serpico): How do we begin the movement to create a world of ubiquitous open wireless, where sharing and openness is the norm? How do we get it to spread? Speakers from EFF's activism, legal, and technology teams will describe the open wireless movement ( and the specific challenges their open wireless router campaign is solving. The first hurdle is convincing the world that sharing Wi-Fi with guest users is, as security expert Bruce Schneier puts it, a matter of "basic politeness." Another perceived roadblock is the belief that running an open network could subject the host to legal liability. Lastly, even proponents of open wireless lack easy technical solutions to safely enable private and anonymous guest access without reservations. To that end, EFF is developing an easy to set up, secure Wi-Fi router. But, in order to truly realize our open wireless future, they will need your help.

Adi Kamdar, Nate Cardozo, Ranga Krishnan