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H2K2 (2002): "Bullies on the Net - The Ford and Nissan Cases" (Download)

H2K2 (2002): "Bullies on the Net - The Ford and Nissan Cases" (Download)

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Saturday, July 13, 2002: 6:00 pm (Area "A"): We could fill the entire weekend with stories like these and we have no doubt there will be many more such tales in the years to come. With the help of agencies, corporations, treaties, and laws with acronyms like ICANN, WIPO, WTO, and the DMCA, the individual very often finds himself at the mercy of corporate giants with virtually unlimited funding - and seemingly unlimited power. Throughout it all however, there remains hope. Hear the story of Uzi Nissan, who is being sued by the Nissan Motor Company for daring to use his own name on the Internet. We'll also talk about how the Ford Motor Company sued 2600 - and lost.

Hosted by Emmanuel Goldstein, Eric Grimm, and Uzi Nissan