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H2K2 (2002): "Teaching Hacker Ethics with a Common Curriculum" (Download)

H2K2 (2002): "Teaching Hacker Ethics with a Common Curriculum" (Download)

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Friday, July 12, 2002: 11:00 am (Area "B"): An introduction of a new proposed curriculum guideline for teaching information ethics to students in elementary school, high school, and college. This curriculum is being proposed through the North Carolina chapter of Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility. The idea is to foster creative, exploratory, effective, and intelligent use of information tools (aka, the hacker ethic), rather than powerless end-user mentality. There are many reasons to desire a common suggested curriculum for different educational levels. We might argue that most major advances in computing were brought about by hackers. We could point out that it's necessary to encourage creative and exploratory behavior for the next generation of computer users to do brilliant things. For today's hackers, the goal is simply to shape tomorrow's hackers so that they will use their abilities to help create a better society.

Hosted by Greg Newby