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HOPE Number Nine (2012): "Geeks and Depression" (Download)

HOPE Number Nine (2012): "Geeks and Depression" (Download)

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Saturday, July 14, 2012: 3:00 pm (Sassaman): Many of us in the geek community suffer greatly from serious depression. Enough so that several notable hackers have committed suicide over the past couple of years, including the 22-year-old co-founder of Diaspora. Moderated by Robin DeBates, a professional geek therapist, the panelists in this session will share their personal histories with depression in hopes of showing that none of us in the geek world need to be isolated with our feelings of being alone, depressed, or suicidal. Is it OK to talk about depression and suicide in the hacker community? This panel thinks it is important to make it so.

Hosted by Robin DeBates, Mitch Altman, Meredith L. Patterson, Jimmie Rodgers, and Daravinne