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HOPE Number Nine (2012): "Hacking the Spaces" (Download)

HOPE Number Nine (2012): "Hacking the Spaces" (Download)

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Sunday, July 15, 2012: 1:00 pm (Sassaman): In 2009, Johannes and Frank Apunkt Schneider published their critical pamphlet "Hacking the Spaces," causing a shitstorm in forums and mailing lists. The publication of the text on Boing Boing was even called a "PR disaster for the hackerspaces movement" by various members of the scene. Three years later, the discussion is still raging. Are hackerspaces the inclusionist paradises that their members want them to be, or are they just white middle-class boys' clubs generating nothing more than a few more streamlined members of "Generation Self-Exploitation?" This talk is an invitation to look at the debate and analyze its potential and drama. We promise dramatic potential and the potentially dramatic!

Hosted by Johannes Grenzfurthner and Sean Bonner