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HOPE Number Six (2006): "Lockpicking: Exploits for Mechanical Locks" (Download)

HOPE Number Six (2006): "Lockpicking: Exploits for Mechanical Locks" (Download)

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Friday, July 21, 2006: 2:00 pm (Area "A"): Every mechanical lock, no matter how sophisticated, can be bypassed. And here you will learn how. A wide variety of opening techniques will be demonstrated. Ranging from "lock decoders" that are in use by the intelligence community to till tools and techniques that allow a layman to open a wide variety of locks with little training and using only inexpensive tools. Even the opening of some state of the art electronic locks will be demonstrated on stage. If you're willing to learn then simply join one of the training sessions during the conference (in the lockpick village) to have Barry and his friends teach you how to pick and bypass locks yourself. You are invited to bring your own locks and find out if they are any good.

Hosted by  Barry "The Key" Wels and Marc Weber Tobias