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HOPE Number Six (2006): "TrackSploits" (Download)

HOPE Number Six (2006): "TrackSploits" (Download)

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Sunday, July 23, 2006: 10:00 am (Area "B"): In a time where bureaucracy can hold you back against a foe that is more agile, fast, and who definitely doesn't care about the laws they break, a new method of forensics is being developed. TrackSploits have been used against phishers, malware authors, and distributors as well as "black hat" hackers to gain intelligence on them in a passive, yet active, manner. These techniques do not break the law, but they will bend them and test the law's resilience. Techniques include tracking attackers behind proxies, breaking encryption algorithms to unmask IP addresses, stealing data back from the phishers in real time, and using cross-site attacks to track malware authors. This talk will open your eyes about intelligence gathering and counterespionage against relentless entities dedicated to causing havoc and profiting from it.

Hosted by Lance James and Joshua Brashars