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Sold Out Issues in Digest Form (PDF)

Sold Out Issues in Digest Form (PDF)

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This collection is meant for people who have ordered a complete set of back issues. As you know, there are some issues that have been sold out, some for quite a long time. In order to provide completeness and thank you for your order, we're making those sold out issues available to you in digest form, meaning that any issue that's sold out will be substituted with a digital version of that entire YEAR.

The digital digest is different from the actual issues in that some sections are rearranged (for instance, all of the letters to the editor are in a single section, and payphone photos are larger and also grouped together).

You should have received a special code which will allow you access to this collection. You do not have to pay anything for this if you have already purchased a complete back issue set. Please contact us at if you have any problems.

You will be able to download a zip file containing all of these digests. Each digest is in DRM-free PDF format and will be viewable on any device that can read PDFs. Enjoy!