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The Eleventh HOPE (2016): "I 'Hacked' for China" (Download)

The Eleventh HOPE (2016): "I 'Hacked' for China" (Download)

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Friday, July 22, 2016: 11:00 am (Lamarr): For six months, Zimmer was hacker-in-residence for a top Chinese engineering university, tasked with mentoring students and building projects. He encountered brilliant Chinese hackers and incredible startups and built several projects aimed at reducing air pollution in Beijing. After his residency, he stayed in Beijing for four months and helped to cofound Q Space, Beijing’s first feminist makerspace which now holds regular workshops and events, and has over 300 members in their group chat. If you’ve ever wanted to travel to China as a hacker, Zimmer will be happy to share everything he wishes he knew before he went.
Zimmer Barnes