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The Eleventh HOPE (2016): "Who's Killing Crypto?" (Download)

The Eleventh HOPE (2016): "Who's Killing Crypto?" (Download)

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Friday, July 22, 2016: 12:00 pm (Noether): Governments have gotten really good at coming up with ways to undermine encryption. They can outright ban the use of certain types or strengths, place trade restrictions, mandate the insertion of backdoors or vulnerabilities, work with companies directly to undermine the encryption standards, arrest executives for failing to comply with orders, and seek assistance from courts through antiquated, off topic laws.
In this presentation, Amie and Drew will compare various approaches and provide the historical context that better illustrates how and why such restrictions are doomed to either fail or worsen the state of digital security. The session is planned to be part history lesson and part overview of the current state of encryption debates. The discussion will include where panelists think the law of encryption should and will go, and provide details on the campaigns that have been run at Access Now to promote the unrestricted use of encryption.
Amie Stepanovich, Drew Mitnick