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The Eleventh HOPE (2016): "Women in Cyber Security" (Download)

The Eleventh HOPE (2016): "Women in Cyber Security" (Download)

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Saturday, July 23, 2016: 12:00 pm (Lamarr): With 11 percent of the cyber security workforce being women, why is it important to encourage women to be involved? How is security done differently by women or is it? This panel consists of women in different phases of career: just graduated college starting first professional job, mid-career, and experienced professional. Each panel member will provide an overview of their perspective on the workplace, including if they have experienced discrimination, how best to survive and thrive, and when it is time to move on.
Attendees will learn how others have responded to specific incidents, managed work life balance, become aware of how they may be making the environment feel hostile, and dealt with potential legal implications of their actions, and will also learn why having a diverse employee pool is good for the organization and for fellow employees.
Renee Pollack, Debora Gondek, Kathleen Seubert, Morgan Strobel
Moderator: Cindy Cullen