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The Fifth HOPE (2004): "Hacker Radio" (Download)

The Fifth HOPE (2004): "Hacker Radio" (Download)

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Saturday, July 10, 2004: 9:00 pm (Area "B"): Hacker radio is a growing phenomenon throughout the world. Hackers are discussing the current issues faced in today's technological world over the airwaves and through the net. There are all sorts of hacker issues being discussed via hacker radio including the DMCA or software patents in the European Union that seriously limit innovation and allow for others to have too much control over something you purchased in your home. By having this discussion in a radio format, those outside the hacker community have the opportunity to hear it and learn. The evolution of hacker radio from the early days of spreading information via bulletin board systems, websites, forums, and mailing lists to today's online audio streams will be explored. There will also be a discussion of hardware and open source software methods for setting up your own show and getting your own opinions and ideas out there for all to hear. Current examples of hacker radio will be featured.

Hosted by Sl1pm0de, Dual Parallel, and StankDawg