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The Fifth HOPE (2004): "Prometheus Radio Project" (Download)

The Fifth HOPE (2004): "Prometheus Radio Project" (Download)

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Friday, July 9, 2004: 3:00 pm (Area "A"): The Prometheus Radio Project started with radio pirates fighting for local groups to be able to run community radio stations. But over the years, Prometheus has sued the FCC to stop media consolidation, built stations in places like Guatemala and Colombia, and experimented with using off the shelf wireless technologies to do for hundreds of dollars what commercial stations spend tens of thousands to do. This panel will help bring you up to date on the political debates in Washington about low power FM, reforming the spectrum for wireless broadband access, and the grassroots organizing that can be done to reshape the media. A picture show of community radio barn raisings and stations that Prometheus has worked on around the world will be included.

Hosted by Dharma Dailey, Josh Marcus, Hannah Sassaman, and Pete Tridish