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The Fifth HOPE (2004): "Ten Years of Practical Anonymity" (Download)

The Fifth HOPE (2004): "Ten Years of Practical Anonymity" (Download)

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Saturday, July 10, 2004: 10:00 pm (Area "B"): Strong anonymity systems have been available for public access on the Internet for the last decade. During this time the Internet landscape has changed considerably, while the body of knowledge in the field of anonymity research has deepened greatly. This talk will review the history of anonymity systems, describe the methods by which modern anonymity systems protect their users, explore the classes of attacks which exist against anonymity systems, and give examples of practical anonymity systems which can be freely and easily used by the public at large. Emphasis will be placed on e-mail anonymity and the long-lived anonymous e-mail software Mixmaster and the associated remailer network, though other forms of Internet access anonymization will be included for discussion.

Hosted by Len Sassaman