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The Last HOPE (2008): "'Off the Grid' Voice/Data Communications" (Download)

The Last HOPE (2008): "'Off the Grid' Voice/Data Communications" (Download)

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Saturday, July 19, 2008: 11:00 am (Hopper): It's Orwellian. We're so conditioned to believe we've little choice but to rely on government-regulated, corporate-owned voice/data networks designed to log our communications traffic and content. People can be held incommunicado by routine network failures, natural disasters, and by political actions- often when communications is needed most. But modern two-way radio can provide effective and reliable short-range and global voice/data communications at relatively little cost, and it can't be logged by conventional (CALEA) methods. This discussion will tune into the latest surprising developments in amateur (ham) radio, unlicensed spread-spectrum, and other two-way radio technologies and applications.

Hosted by Skip Arey and bernieS