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The Last HOPE (2008): "The Emperor is Naked" (Download)

The Last HOPE (2008): "The Emperor is Naked" (Download)

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Friday, July 18, 2008: 12:00 pm (Engressia): Virtualized technologies are being lapped up left, right, and center by corporates committed to the cash savings they promise. Sadly, the savings that can be gleaned are not without the attendant risk. Instead of nice normal networks that people can understand, many vendors are offering networks in a box. As well as being lovely single points of failure, they have a number of risks that remain largely unexplored. Research has already been conducted around platform virtualization technologies such as VMWare, but there still exists a fundamental flaw within virtualized resource technologies that no one seems to have spotted. This talk will illustrate why and how virtualization works, what the difference is between what the vendors say and how it is being implemented in RL, and will discuss a theoretical vulnerability that if it can be exploited can bring down the house of cards.

Hosted by Michael Kemp