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The Next HOPE (2010): "Lock Bypass without Lockpicks" (Download)

The Next HOPE (2010): "Lock Bypass without Lockpicks" (Download)

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Sunday, July 18, 2010: 11:00 am (Bell): You train as hard as you can, picking lock after lock, learning about all the different picks, different picking techniques and styles, anti-picking features, and how to manipulate them... then some guy with a screwdriver takes the hinges off the door faster than you can pick the doorknob. That's right, there are ways to bypass locks which don't involve direct manipulation of the pins, and they not only tend to be easy, but fast. This talk follows the story of Waldo, one hard-to-find hacker trying to wrestle the truth from the jaws of a shady corporation peddling suspicious medication. Waldo, having been captured and stripped of his picks, must escape using only his wits, and whatever he can find on his way out.

Hosted by Dan Crowley