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The Next HOPE (2010): "Memory Fun 101 - Memory Training for Everyone" (Download)

The Next HOPE (2010): "Memory Fun 101 - Memory Training for Everyone" (Download)

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Saturday, July 17, 2010: 5:00 pm (Lovelace): A powerful memory can be an invaluable asset in life. Memory is absolutely fundamental to learning, so improving one's memory can have a profound positive impact on both academic and job performance. This seminar will entertain and educate attendees, while helping them to develop valuable memory skills that will enrich their lives.

In this fun and entertaining program, 2008 USA National Memory Champion Chester Santos will teach attendees the basics of memory improvement. Attendees will learn a number of memory boosting methods that will exercise their imagination and awaken their creativity. Participants will be shown how to utilize both sides of their brain in order to make information stick and become unforgettable. Attendees will participate in enjoyable exercises and will actually be able to feel their memory ability improving throughout the seminar. Everyone will leave this seminar with sharper minds and a solid foundation in exercises and techniques that will benefit them throughout their lives. Talk about providing HOPE!