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HOPE Number Six

DVDs from our sixth hacker conference can be purchased here. There's a significant discount for anyone getting a full set. We also have an audio disc of every talk in 128 kbps high fidelity audio. HOPE Number Six was unique in that all attendees and speakers were assigned numbers and referred to by them throughout the weekend. We had a kind of Prisoner theme going and it went surprisingly smoothly. There were two full tracks and an unscheduled track, along with all of the activities taking place on the second floor. The first track was known as "Area A" and the second track "Area B." The third, unscheduled (and unrecorded), track was held in "Area C" down the hall. Once more, we had three separate keynotes: Richard Stallman (Friday), Michael Hart (Saturday), and Jello Biafra (Sunday). This was also the year when featured speaker and private investigator Steven Rambam was arrested at the conference, something that made his scheduled panel on privacy uniquely interesting. He eventually gave his talk - four months later. That presentation is also included here. HOPE Number Six was held at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City July 21-23, 2006.